The pneumatic barrier AIR WALL prevents spilled oil and debris from spreading on the water surface and protects the environment at the harbour and coastal area.


The AIR WALL barrier creates a current on the water surface which prevents floating oil/liquids and refuse from spreading.
The current is generated by compressed air flowing through a pipe placed on the bottom of the water.
With over 50 years of experience, the AIR WALL is applied in major ports worldwide.


Main advantages of the barrier AIRWALL
• Prevents spilled oil and any kind of floating refuse on the water surface
• No hindrance to the ship traffic neither for vessels going out nor for firefighting ships coming into the danger area
• Totally fire resistant – prevents fire spread in the barrier area and supports firefighting by adding automatically fire extinguishing foam
• Subdivides the harbour into several protective areas
• Operation is available at all times (24/7/365) without interruption as service round-a-clock or as emergency service on demand
• Very fast in operation without needing manpower, boat and floating boom
• A barrier area or harbour entrance of 200 m can be blocked within 60 seconds by just starting the compressor
– starts at the push of a button
• Works in any weather (same restrictive conditions as floating booms)
• Keeps the harbour free from siltation
• Pumps air into water to increase the oxygen content
• Provides underwater sound insulation
• Low operating expenses – Return on Investment in up to 14 months
• Minimal maintenance costs at very long operating times

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